Management of Resistance to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors with Advanced Nanosystems



EPOS-Iasis Research and Development, Ltd.

EPOS-Iaisis, R&D Ltd, is a biotechnology SME with research orientation in harnessing molecules and light for faster diagnosis and better prognosis with application of cutting edge functional proteomics and interactomic techniques and validation of therapeutic biomarkers. EPOS-Iasis R&D is engaged in the design, validation and development of novel targeted non-peptidic systems for molecular optical theranaustics of a diverse field of inflammatory and malignant conditions. The company’s leading product line focuses on novel systems for molecular endoscopy. EPOS-Iasis is a biotechnology spin-off which has brought together experts in Molecular Oncology, Optics and Nanobiotechnology and within the first 3 years of its life has already been the recipient of 5 National and 1 EC competitive research grants (514460 €), in close collaboration with the Cyprus academic and medical community. EPOS has attracted to its human critical mass renown scholars of the Academic community



University College London, School of Pharmacy

The Centre for Drug Delivery Research (CDDR) at the School of Pharmacy, University of London is one the first and premier research centres in Europe dedicated to drug delivery. Our research focuses on a variety of targeted delivery systems based on nanoparticulate engineering for existing and new-generation therapeutics including DNA, siRNA and viruses. The Nanomedicine Lab has a long history in developing liposomes, colloidal nanoparticulates (polymeric microspheres, solid nanoparticles) and natural and synthetic macromolecules (e.g. dendrimers) as delivery systems of therapeutic agents. These include a variety of therapeutic biological molecules (peptides, proteins, plasmid DNA) as well as other more conventional drug molecules for development of vaccines, anti-angiogenic therapies, and chemo- and radio-therapeutic modalities against cancer. Two companies have spun-out of the CDDR based on research findings that are now in clinical trials, making this the most suitable environment for translational pharmaceutical research.



Democritus University of Thrace

Dr. Agianian’s group is focusing on the study of structure-function relations in biomolecular systems using a battery of biophysical techniques and X-ray crystallography. The group has extensive expertise in the biophysical and computational analysis of protein-ligand interactions, with current emphasis in the design of anti-cancer drugs. The group enjoys spacious laboratories which can accommodate seconded staff. It is currently comprised of two PhD students, one MSc graduate and four diploma undergraduates.



Colloïdes et Sciences Analytiques (PECSA), Université Pierre et Marie Curie

The PECSA laboratory s a multidisciplinary laboratory divided in teams whom research is dealing with different area: Physico-Chemical Properties of Electrolytes, Divided Material and Colloids and Analytical Sciences. The team “Inorganic Colloids” directed by Prof. Valerie Cabuil, funded by Prof René Massart, is working since more than 30 years in the field of inorganic colloids. Chemists and physicians from this team are specialized in the synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles, especially magnetic ones. The laboratory belongs to Université Pierre et Marie Curie, the leading french scientific and medical university, with its 120 research laboratories and its 3500 doctoral students..



ProActina SA

ProActina SA is a contract research organization (CRO) specialized in the chemical synthesis of complex bioactive molecules and intermediates, route-selection, early-stage process optimization and development of new technologies and novel products with industrial applications. A group of highly-trained scientists is focused in fulfilling the requirements of its clients [mainly pharmaceutical, biotech and related companies] by the means of performing complex multi-step organic syntheses and giving solutions to demanding synthetic problems. During the last 3 years of its operation, the company has successfully completed more than 15 projects (covered by confidentiality agreements with the customers), which involved many type of chemistries, and in most cases alternative or totally new routes have been invented in order to reach the final objectives. By following novel synthetic techniques and by using its technologically advanced equipment, the company is capable of delivering high quality products in a short period.


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