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EPOS-Iasis is selected as the coordinator of an IAPP EU project with a total budget of € 1.5 million (1/11/2011)


EPOS-Iasis is the coordinator of a new Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) grant with the acronym NANORESISTANCE. The inter-sectoral mobility between academia and industry will be a priority as a means to improve cooperation between the two sectors and to eliminate cultural and other mobility barriers in the context of the “Innovation Union” flagship initiative.

Combining complementarty, emerging, supra-disciplinary, technologies in nano-biotechnology NANORESISTANCE introduces an unprecedented integrated approach for the comprehensive management of failure to anti-cancer therapy and treatment monitoring. The vibrant inter-sectoral mobility program of NANORESISTANCE will play a structuring role by allowing researchers to acquire key skills which are equally relevant to the public and private sectors.

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Career Opportunity at EPOS-Iasis

EPOS-Iasis, R&D, accepts applications for the position of postdoctoral scientist for an EU-funded program. Read related announcement in English.

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