“SELAScope Systems: Next Generation Endoscopy”

First Prize at the 2nd Cyprus Entrepreneurial Competition (CyEC), July 2005

The seeds of the idea behind EPOS-Iasis were laid during the 2004/5 Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition which served as a platform for the expression of a common vision of a multi-disciplinary team. The idea was to develop novel diagnostic methods for the very early detection of Colon Cancer using molecular florescence endoscopy. The product was termed “SelaScope.” The brief version of the proposal was:

SELAScope Systems proposes a new technology for the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer. The new procedure, based on optical molecular imaging, will combine a molecular marker of early cancer and an optical beacon thus enabling the detection of precancerous lesions even before they became clinically visible, also eliminating the need for biopsy. Such progress in the field of cancer screening and diagnosis will result in earlier and more effective treatment, with better prognosis for the patients and reduced costs for the healthcare system.

The team won the first prize in the competition and the sum € 7500. That very modest amount served as the seed funding for the establishment of EPOS-Iasis!



For more information contact:

Dr. Andreani Odysseos (andreani[at]epos-iasis.com)