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EPOS-Iasis, R&D, accepts applications for the position of postdoctoral scientist for an EU-funded program. Read related announcement in English.

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EPOS-Iasis is Scientific Coordinator of the Horizon 2020 FET Open Project "GLADIATOR" (1/1/2019)


EPOS-Iasis is the scientific coordinator of a prestigious European research project funded from the “Future and Emerging Technologies (FET-Open): Novel Ideas for radically new technologies” program of Horizon 2020. EPOS-Iasis, led by Dr. Andreani Odysseos, is the Scientific Coordinator of the project. EPOS-Iasis will also develop novel biological systems for efficacy testing and lead the commercialization efforts of the results. The project’s full title is: “Next-generation theranostics of brain pathologies with autonomous externally controllable nanonetworks: a trans-disciplinary approach with bionanodevice interfaces”. This project aims to develop a vanguard and comprehensive theranostic (therapeutic + diagnostic) solution for brain malignancies by bridging life sciences, bio–nanotechnology, engineering and information communication technologies (ICT). Currently, highly complex malignancies such as brain tumors, have a very grim prognosis, despite recent progress in their treatment and management. GLADIATOR envisions to establish a radical long-term vision leading to a drastic change in cancer monitoring and therapy. It will usher a paradigm shift in Oncology, with the introduction of “bio-nano-machine diagnostics”, and stimulate the implementation of the “Internet of Nano-bio-things”, leading to technological and clinical developments with high socioeconomic impact.

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A Fully Autologous Cell-based System for Delivery of Molecular Therapeutics to Brain Malignancies (BRAINTHROUGH)

BRAIN-THROUGH introduces a sound, credible and feasible innovative system for fully autologous cell-based Delivery of Molecular Therapeutics to Brain Malignancies, epitomized by Malignant Gliomas (MG). Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is the most frequent (3-5/100,000) and morbid one with median survival 15months. The grim prognosis relates to resistance to available therapies and treatment failure, greatly attributed to the (i) significant tumor heterogeneity and biologic complexity, (ii) difficulty in delivery of therapeutics across the Blood-Brain- Barrier (BBB) and the brain tumor microenvironment (TME), including the extracellular matrix (ECM) and (iii) lack of precise tumor imaging, presenting unique challenges for comprehensive management of the disease. The individualized medicine market is exponentially increasing reaching $ 90 B. in 2023, while there is a projected tremendous increase of the GBM market niche alone from 670 M$ in 2014 to 3.4.B $ in 2024. Thus, there is a compelling need and unique challenges for a carefully-targeted and personalized drug regime for each patient.

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