Past Research Activity

Management of Resistance to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors with Advanced Nanosystems (NANORESISTANCE)


Combining complementarty emerging supra-disciplinary technologies in nano-biotechnology NANORESISTANCE introduces for the first time (i) receptor independent targeting of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-kinase activity (ii) nuclear delivery of anti-Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor therapy and (iii) the deciphering of resistance and lack of responsiveness in the preclinical setting with mathematical models of interstitial biodistribution.

See the project home page for more information.


Molecular Markers of Antineoplastic Efficacy of Chromanol Esters

A prototype formulation of safe and improved biopharmaceuticals, based on poly(oxo)phenolic selenium compounds, will be developed and commercialized for use in the effective prevention of colon cancer. These pharmaceuticals will be targeted towards the high risk population (e.g. the patients with a genetic predisposition or those with chronic inflammatory disease of the bowel) which is currently estimated at 980.000 people in the EU alone.

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Molecular Response Biomarkers of Multipotent Cyanine-Quinazoline Conjugates With Combined Imaging and Therapeutic Properties

This research will lead to the discovery and validation of novel molecular biomarkers of multipotent cynine - quinazoline conjugates. These molecules will be unique in their ability to act both as imaging/diagnostic agents as well as therapeutic biopharmaceuticals especially so in the case of colon cnacer.


Novel Vitamin E-Biphosphonates: A new therapeutic approach targeting bone loss associated with osteoporosis and bone related malignancies

This consortium brings together competent teams from three scientific fields (chemistry, molecular biology, medicine) with strongly complementary research interests and entrepreneurial expertise, long-standing experience, unique disease models and state-of-the art infrastructure aiming at the development of a new series of safe and effective compounds of Biphosphonates and Vitamin E derivatives.The outcomes of these studies will direct the network towards commercial exploitation with the formulation of novel biopharmaceuticals which will be combining high anti-osteolytic efficacy with cancer curing effectiveness within the bone microenvironment.


New Generation of Fluorescent Contrast Agents for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Colorectal Cancer

EPOS-Iasis is introducing a new generation of active, targeted, molecular probes for the detection and inactivation of abnormally expressed tyrosine kinase receptors on inflammatory and premalignant tissues. These novel molecules are specially designed for receptor visualization via fluorescence endoscopy and simultaneous application of molecular treatment.


EPIC-PANACEA: From Molecular Epidemiology to Molecular Imaging

Our company is the sole industrial partner in the leading consortium studying the interaction between generic and environmental factors in cancer. In this consortium, EPOS-Iasis will exploit the information collected through molecular epidemiology studies in high-risk populations to identify novel biomarkers of malignancy with molecular imaging applications.



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Dr. Andreani Odysseos (andreani[at]epos-iasis.com)